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Fresno offers incredible diversity in the things to do and the experiences to be had, but none beats the adventure of floating above this beautiful region in the basket of a hot air balloon. Take in the visual delights of wildlife such as deer, foxes and bobcats as they duck and weave through the countryside below; and let the sunrise light your following of the San Joaquin River as it meanders below.

Your balloon flight will see you gazing out over the Fresno skyline as well as drifting over charming Old Town Clovis, both of which will have you reaching for your camera to capture the unforgettable memories so you can share them with others.

Fresno Ballooning Options:

Fresno and Local Attractions

They say Fresno is California’s year round playground, and it’s hard to argue when you consider just how much there is to do here. If arts and culture are your thing, then the collection of galleries and museums is sure to delight with the Californian Memorial Museum and Coarsegold Historic Village being just two example of the many more places on offer.

Being a playground, there of course many sports and outdoor activities to keep you occupied, as well as wide range of places to eat and drink; and that’s something you’ll probably want to do as you relive the memories you’ve made on your hot air balloon flight of Fresno and it’s amazing region.

Surrender to the romance of it all…

Even if you’re a local, why not make the most of an unforgettable day by relaxing that evening on a romantic getaway. Let someone else do the cooking and the washing up. Instead, recline back into the afterglow of a hot air ballooning experience that sets the mood quite like nothing else…

Our favourite post ballooning idea: a charming Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse & a bottle or two of fine wine.

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